About Us

The National Association of School Superintendents is proud be the only national association focused solely on serving the needs of school superintendents and cabinet level deputy/associate/assistant superintendents. NASS' mission is steadfast – to enable superintendents to facilitate positive learning outcomes for all students and effectively for public education. We continue to add resources, tools, partnerships and quality professional development to accomplish our mission by consistently delivering quality service, advocacy, and benefits to our over 1400 superintendents and deputy/associate/assistant superintendents in school districts across the country. 

Member Services Include:

  • Networking with successful Superintendents in the sharing of “Best Practices” and assistance with challenging management issues.
  • Annual Conference to network and receive professional development focused on the work of school superintendents.
  • Annual Federal Advocacy Conference in Washington D.C.
  • Federal Advocacy on legislation and other matters that impacts the work of Superintendents. 
  • Professional Development, including “Leadership for Social Justice Certification” – a program that provides certification and results in the development of an equity plan that moves classrooms, schools and districts forward with ensuring that all students are provided a high-quality education.
  • Publications that feature NASS members and partners who share successes (and failures) in attempts designed to improve the quality of our work.
  • Career Center for members to post and fill jobs, including a member only section where members provide a profile and resume.
  • Communications option through Forecast 5 that is unique to NASS through 5Share.
  • Website that provides resources that enhance each Superintendent’s skill set.
  • Membership in an organization that is focused on not only the work of the superintendent, but uniquely engaged with partners to address inequity and social justice for a unified voice for students in the United States.
We invite you to join our association and take advantage of our many services.