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Type Individual Record
Description Benefits include access to relevant website content and a resource warehouse, timely news and information, national advocacy, networking and communities. Individual members also receive discounts for online reputation management, credit restoration, personal legal protection, prescription discounts, auto & home discounts, and more. Benefits include all of the NASS Individual plan benefits mentioned above PLUS employment contract assistance, professional support and guidance, crisis communications strike preparation, peer advisory network and mentoring. For a complete list of benefits, go to Membership Services & Membership. If joining after September 30th the membership will be prorated through March 31, 2018. 
Membership Cost $1,100.00  Prorated To: $21.10
Membership Length 12 month(s)
Membership term effective through: 7/1/2018 Total $21.10
Online Directory 0 online directory categories are included with the membership.
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