NASS statement on Congressional review of the U.S. Department of Education’s final accountability, state plans, and data reporting regulation.

NASS members are working closely with state leaders to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by the next school year, with a focus on using the law as powerful tool for promoting educational equity. As this critically important local leadership unfolds across the country, Congress’s pending action to eliminate the entirety of the ESSA accountability, state planning, and data reporting regulations raises concerns. 

We appreciate Secretary DeVos’ encouragement for states to “continue their work in engaging with stakeholders and developing their [ESSA consolidated] plans…” but urge Congress and the Department to work with superintendents and other stakeholders to develop targeted ESSA regulatory improvements, rather than completely eliminating the accountability, state planning, and data reporting regulations approved in November 2016.

NASS strongly supports superintendents’ efforts to use ESSA’s flexibility and resources to implement local innovations aimed at improving outcomes for all students. This work is consistent with NASS’s recently launched “Leadership for Social Justice Certification” initiative that will begin in October, 2017 and our commitment to preparing all students for success after graduation.

National Association of School Superintendents