National Conference - 2016

NASS First Annual 2016 National Conference

Superintendents from nearly 30 states have returned to work with new tools and support following the 2016 National Association of School Superintendents’ Leadership Conference in San Diego.

“This was a very powerful event,” said David Brown, NASS Executive Director. “Bringing together educators with diverse backgrounds into one room to learn from each other and our guest speakers was an opportunity very few student advocates get to be part of.”

Attendees listened to several guest speakers, including Wisconsin superintendent Joe Sanfelippo talking about building a district and personal brand, Sir Ken Robinson on the status of education, Linda Darling-Hammond on the teacher shortage, as well as Maryland superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance on how to impact district culture.

“In the absence of knowledge, people come to their own conclusions,” Sanfelippo told conference attendees. “Superintendents need to think about their story, their district’s story and how we move that into our communities.”

Robinson talked about the testing culture in our educational system.

“We have kids who want to learn and have problems being educated and it’s not the teachers or students that are the problem, it’s the system,” Robinson said. “The focus isn’t on teacher learning, it’s on testing and e can’t improve education is we keep testing our way out of it.”

Also included were panel discussions on successful school board relations and superintendents career readiness, as well as workshops on thinking patterns, and a Strategic Focus on Influencing Student Outcomes through Innovative Community Partnerships.

“The content has been incredibly impressive, especially when you think about how it can immediately help our members,” said Dr. Sonny Da Marto, NASS Assistant Executive Director. “I think our members will understand the NASS strategy, which is to provide valuable resources.”

The NASS Executive Committee met on day two of the event and approved former ACSA President Tom Armelino as the new NASS President. Pennsylvania educator Jim Capolupo was selected as Executive Committee chairman.

“I see a lot of potential with this organization,” Armelino said. “When you have the opportunity to share among the country’s educational thought leaders, you gain a greater respect for the successes we have and the challenges we face.”

Board members are currently in the planning stages for the 2017 Leadership Conference as they seek to increase membership and strengthen the nationwide reach of NASS. All ACSA members with “superintendent” in their job title also receive a free membership to NASS.