About Us

The National Association of School Superintendent (NASS) is the only national association focused solely on serving the needs of school superintendents. We offer resources, tools, and advocacy opportunities for thousands of superintendents across the country. 
The mission of the association is steadfast – to enable superintendents to facilitate positive learning outcomes for all students and to effectively advocate for public education. 
NASS represents and advocates for education leaders nationwide and is active in student advocacy at the federal level. NASS members lead efforts in negotiations on school finance, reducing bureaucracy, mental health, school safety, equity, civil rights, special education, the needs of English learners, teacher, staff and administrator training, health and many other important policy areas in K-12 education in America. 
NASS’s focus on educational equity means the association plays a lead advocacy role on issues such as school discipline, school climate and safety, mental health and wellness, and supporting historically underserved student populations. NASS is deeply committed to closing opportunity and achievement gaps and to elevating the voices of students in our public schools. Through our annual advocacy events, NASS ensures that education leaders always have a seat at the Federal table in conversations that have the power to shape our children’s and our country’s future.  
Some of the benefits of your NASS membership include:

  • Access to resources, individualized legal support and assistance with challengingmanagement issues.
  • Annual advocacy conference on federal education issues and the opportunity to educate lawmakers on the real-time needs of students in America.
  • Regional professional development opportunities to network and receive professional development focused on the work of school superintendents.
  • Career Center for members to post and fill jobs, including a member-only profile and resume section.
  • Membership in an organization that is focused on not only the work of the superintendent, but uniquely engaged with partners to address inequity and social justice for a unified voice for students in the United States.

For further information or questions please contact Jonathan Raymond, Executive Director, NASS at jraymond@nass.us.