Section: From Contributors
Accountability Meets Equity
Most people and organizations will say they support equity—even when they don’t really understand what it is. But the National Association of School Superintendents is bold and inclusive in its approach to support equity in education.
Advocacy and the Equality Act
This past September, NASS and the Association of California School Administrators convened for our annual federal advocacy conference. Participants heard from former Secretary for Education, Rod Paige, and several LBGTQ students on their experience matriculating through our K12 schools. This year we lobbied on the Equality Act, special education funding for infants and toddlers, STEM education and federal spending on education.
Parent Teacher Home Visits: Strengthening family-school relationships
Growing up, Carmen had a terrible experience with school. Later diagnosed with ADHD, her teachers in the 1980s knew little about it and Carmen felt labeled as “the dumb kid,” so she dropped out. When her children were old enough for school, she was disengaged and had few academic expectations for them. The last thing she wanted was to set foot in their school or talk to a teacher or principal.