Legal Assistance

NASS Legal Assistance for School District Superintendents

The school district superintendent is a position of wide influence, ever changing, complex, demanding and key to the success of the district. Further, the uncertain political climate and focus on academic achievement requires skills essential to one’s ability to create relationships and navigate uncertain terrain with skill and finesse.

Often the position comes without support and on-the-job training. Superintendents find themselves alone in a complex organization without the assistance in the key areas necessary to succeed. In response to the ever-growing need for support and assistance, NASS created Targeted Assistance for Superintendents and partnered with Legal Shield for affordable, on-call legal protection.

NASS Targeted Assistance for District and School Leaders: 
  • Leadership in Learner-Centered Values and Ethics, Setting Leadership Goals, Human Resources and Management , Governance: Board/Superintendent Relationships , Communication and Community Relations , Organizational/Instructional Leadership , Superintendent Evaluation and Bargaining/Negotiations 

Legal Shield: 

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