Partnership for Children & Youth

Partnership for Children & Youth (PCY) is an advocacy and capacity-building organization championing high-quality, equitable learning opportunities for underserved youth in California. Since its founding nearly 20 years ago, PCY has catalyzed large-scale change by strategically supporting people, organizations, and systems to leverage their resources to support children in under-resourced communities. Grounded in research and experience, PCY trains school and community-based educators, facilitates relationships between schools and community-based organizations, and advocates for effective public policies and resources. PCY is dedicated to a future where all children reach their full potential through equitable access to learning opportunities and supportive learning environments.

Opportunity Everywhere:

Partnership for Children & Youth is focused on providing opportunity everywhere: at school, at home, and in the community.




Strengthening social-emotional learning, because research shows feeling safe and supported is a fundamental precondition for learning



Bringing quality expanded learning programs to affordable housing, so educational opportunities are easy to access where children live



Expanding access to quality afterschool and summer learning programs, so they can serve all California families who depend on them

PCY provides SEL training and technical assistance for K-12 districts in California, and ensures SEL is embedded in state and local education initiatives.

PCY provides training to public and affordable housing agencies to provide high-quality expanded learning within housing. This includes facilitating relationships between school districts and local housing agencies, as well as providing resources to share information to best serve students.

PCY leads the California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance to strengthen afterschool programs’ advocacy skills, educate policymakers, and secure sustainable state funding.