Envision Learning Partners

When young people are challenged by work that is rigorous and real-world, and when they are given opportunities to revise and reflect along the way, then they are liberated to realize their potential. This, we believe, is the path to educational equity, and it is the reason that Envision Learning Partners (ELP) was founded eight years ago. ELP's mission is to help schools and districts engage every student in America in a high-quality system of performance assessment.

ELP partners with administrators and teachers to help them use and adapt cutting-edge performance assessment resources developed by experts at Stanford University and tested in real schools. Using these resources, school leaders design and implement rigorous, reliable systems for evaluating learning and providing actionable feedback that meet the unique needs of their students. 


We have refined our educational model over the last decade through our schools division, Envision Schools, which operates three small urban high schools and two middle schools in Northern California. Our students are transformed by their experience at Envision because our vision for success requires students to know, do, and reflect on deep content knowledge and competencies. Envision is known for our portfolio-defense systems, which challenge students to assemble evidence of their learning and to defend that portfolio of work before a panel. Our consulting division helps school districts all over the country build similar systems customized to their own context.


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