2nd Annual NASS Leadership Conference

Mark your calendars for October 1-3 and join us in beautiful Alexandria, VA.

The 2017 NASS Leadership conference is a premier professional development event created solely for superintendents. This annual conference will provide networking opportunities and professional development on critical educational issues of high interest for our nation’s superintendents. 

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King awarded with highest NASS honor


Dr. Michelle King, Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District in California, has been named NASS Superintendent of the Year for 2017.

“I am truly honored to receive this acknowledgement from NASS,” King said. “Education leaders must be student advocates and that work doesn’t end at 5:00. We are advocates 24 hours a day and I enjoy that challenge.”

Dr. King is a product of LA Unified, entering the district in kindergarten. She returned to the district as a secondary school life sciences teacher in 1985 and and has served in a number of capacities within the district, including principal and senior deputy superintendent. She became district superintendent in 2015.

L.A. Unified is the second largest public school district in the United States, with nearly 650,000 students and more than a thousand school campuses. In a district where high numbers of students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or are children of recent immigrants working to attain proficiency in English, Dr. King actively promotes the notion that the road to graduation begins as early as preschool.

Dr. King believes that the way students learn has changed dramatically as instructional technology has evolved. She actively promotes exploration and utilization of new technologies to provide more personalized instruction for all student needs. She has championed the recommendations made by the district’s Instructional Technology Initiative task force—a collaborative of teachers, parents, administrators, and technology resource experts to guide the district in continuing to shape the learning environment that will prepare students for success in a global 21st century workforce. She has also been a strong supporter of the state’s new accountability system, the California School Dashboard, which provides real-time information on school performance.

King believes the path to a successful education must include a nurturing environment where every student feels a sense of belonging. She has been a strong proponent of improving the social climate at schools through restorative justice, an approach to discipline that shifts the focus away from punishment and toward deeper and longer-term supports that set students on an upward path toward good behavior and citizenship. The program has led to reductions in suspensions and absenteeism while promoting long lasting, pro-social relationships and a positive school-going culture.

King has also worked closely with school operations and police to promote safe school plans addressing violence prevention, emergency preparedness, traffic safety, and crisis intervention.

“Michelle exemplifies what it takes to be a leader,” said Dr. Sonny Da Marto, NASS’ chairman of the awards committee. “She has a mindset in place to confront equity issues and the achievement gap and has a strategy in place to do what is best for all students.”

Other finalists for the award include Dr. Eric Andrew of Campbell USD (Ca.) , Dr. Darrell Adams of Coachella Valley USD (Ca.), Dr. Ron Williams of Victor Valley UHSD (Ca.), and Allan Cameron of Wrentham Public Schools (Ma.).

King will be honored at the 2017 NASS Leadership Conference, October 1-3 in Alexandria, VA. Registration is now open at nass.org.

Leadership for Social Justice Certification


The new NASS Leadership for Social Justice Certification

The focused programming built into this certification takes participants beyond big thinking and general theories, and dives deep into the practical and sustainable tactics needed to help your organization address social justice issues and eliminate equity gaps. 

With a majority of learning taking place online, this valuable certification is both convenient and affordable. 

Learning is driven by 15 online education sessions led by national leaders on education equity, paired with two in-person events tied to additional professional learning in Washington, D.C.

By completing this 80-hour innovative certification, you will be empowered to help your organization overcome equity gaps and address the social justice issues unique to your community.


NASS statement on proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget

Today, President Trump released his Fiscal Year 2018 budget. More than $10 billion in cuts to education are proposed while investing $1 billion to create a new choice program.

Now more than ever the nation’s ability to remain a global economic, democratic and moral leadership depends on world-class public schools. The Trump Administration's plan to decimate federal investments in teachers and school leaders, high-quality early learning programs, career, and technical education initiatives, and other critically needed educational opportunities will harm students, families and entire communities.

Go to News section for additional information and to look at our national news release.

Our Commitment


Education Leader, NASS Executive Committee member and former Superintendent Jim Capolupo speaks about the many reasons to join NASS.

NASS is dedicated to advancing our members' success and promoting their profession. We believe in them and their collective energy, knowledge, and expertise is our key resource. 

The growing superintendent's resource collection is centered on the job’s unique needs and challenges. It offers the means to boost achievement, including solutions to problems that waste time; tools and tips for improving management; sample documents and strategies for more effective leadership, innovative programs and ideas, and much more. 

Project Lead is our nation-wide grassroots campaign for meaningful educational reform. Together educators can restore confidence in our leadership and position ourselves to bring about the organized, rational, well-founded, and sustainable long-range policies our kids, our communities and our country so desperately want and need.

Every day superintendents across the US are achieving amazing things. We envision what 17,000 superintendents can do together.

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Being a member of the National Association of School Superintendents affords you with exclusive access to new member benefits and rich content that will help you strengthen your knowledge base and increase your leader capacity. 

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School Superintendent News

NASS statement on proposed cuts to federal education budget

The Trump Administration has released an abridged version of the president’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Request. President Trump asked for a significant decrease ($9 billion or 13%) in the U.S. Department of Education’s budget, but the document does not describe in detail exactly how every program would be addressed. The full budget will be released in April or May.

Go to the News section for more information.

NASS releases statement on congressional review of the U.S.

NASS members are working closely with state leaders to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by the next school year, with a focus on using the law as powerful tool for promoting educational equity. As this critically important local leadership unfolds across the country, Congress’s pending action to eliminate the entirety of the ESSA accountability, state planning, and data reporting regulations raises concerns. Read our entire statement on our News page.

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